Another snowy Sunday. Recently, it seems like every Sunday we’ve been getting a fresh blanket of snow, which is fine by me – winter may actually be my favorite time to take photos. The pure white snow can give almost anything a magical feeling. I noticed this walking down the streets of Oakland the other day. It’s hardly a beautiful area, but the new snow on the buildings and sidewalks made even the most run-down places look almost livable (a feat I didn’t think could be accomplished). So I took a walk to the park near my apartment to look for some shots. Another welcome aspect of winter weather is the lack of people in the park; usually it’s almost impossible to get a shot without some kind of person or human influence in it, but the snow really scares people off.  I think this was my best shot of the day. The curve of the tracks is a little change-up from the cliche shot of straight tracks to infinity, and it adds a calming element to the scene. I had a very quiet and peaceful walk that day and I believe this photo portrays those feelings.

Some railroad tracks just outside the park.

Some railroad tracks just outside the park.


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