First Post

Hi, I’m Brad from Pittsburgh, PA.

Currently I’m a student at the University of Pittsburgh working toward a degree in Electrical Engineering, however as you can see from the blog’s title, that’s not what I will write about. Photography is my real passion and will be my main topic of discussion. Even though I’m still young (but starting to feel older), I’ve gone on some pretty amazing family vacations to some incredible places (mostly US National Parks), and I hope you will enjoy my stories and photos from them. In addition to photography, I love sports and am a huge Pittsburgh fan (even the Pirates), so a portion of this blog will be devoted to my ramblings about upcoming or past games. Yet another interest of mine is exercise and sports medicine, and although I’m not sure where to go with this topic, I’ll give it a shot. Finally, I will include anything else I deem of importance or concern. Yes, this is extremely general, but I don’t want to limit what I can write about.

The idea for this blog started only as a way to share my photos, but quickly grew to include my other interests. This has now become a place not only for my photos, but also a place to improve and share my writing.

I hope you enjoy and find something useful in my first blog.


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